Housing first is the right thing to do

We have a homelessness problem!
The solution is Housing First!
We all know that homelessness is the result of something, it may be drug abuse, alcoholism, mental illness or job loss…

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Of course we will take care of the root causes, but let’s start with the need for shelter.

We have ordinances that make it illegal to sleep, but what about our

right to sleep or use the bathroom!

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Our plan will end homelessness

Our goal is hundreds of 50 unit mini motel rooms located along public transit corridors in every major city!
The units will be supportive housing with a restaurant located onsite, each sleeping unit will be 8 ft wide and 8 ft long, plus a 5 ft x 8 ft full bathroom.
The units will rent for $10 – $15 dollars per night!
Each rental night will include a meal ticket or discounted meals.

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Why choose Us

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Sleeping is illegal

We have no right to sleep or even use the bathroom in America, we need to think about this as human beings that care about each other!

God created us in HIS image, how can we treat Gods creation so poorly?
How can we prejudice ourselves against the poor?
The Poor will always be with us, perhaps we can alleviate some of their suffering?

Our Services

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Housing First

50 unit micro motel, restaurant and kennel, rent is capped at $10-$15 per night, check-out at 11am
(these units allow the poor to travel, without sleeping in a vehicle or shelter, the dog kennels and storage units make rehab and jobs more accessible. Storage and kennels are free for anyone entering a 45-90 day rehab.


We remove all of the obstacles that prevent people from attaining sobriety through a 45-90 day rehab program.

The deal we offer is a place to stay while waiting for a bed in rehab and a place to keep your property and take good care of your animals while you are getting well!

Sober Living Home

When you complete a 45-90 day rehab, we will give you a room in one of our residential SOBER living homes, you will be responsible for your share of the rent and utilities, after you get a job or SSI check.

We allow pets and require you to attend AA or NA meetings as well as house meetings.

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