This is a minute’s update for our resolution to use an 800 Number.

Upon actual grant of 800 number, we will add it’s logo and permalink to our donor’s list.



RingBoost has offered us a discounted  800 number, after we have a signed contract we will add an advertisement for

them on our donors page (not a full in-kind donation, but the discount makes it worthwhile)



We have new business:
We will be building a new website that will operate with AMP as it’s markup language;
we plan to isolate pages so that we may better target our adwords campaigns, our currant adword conversion rate is less
than 5%, we hope to increase this to 25% or better!
We have another topic that we will raise at our next board meeting:
Corporate logo trademarking for NM SOS. We need to be more engaged in copyright and trademark law within our company to
form a better corporate presence. The next item is vehicle repair, we need the box on the outreach truck leveled, welded, re-plumbed and water heater re-installed, the interior needs a headliner and wall covering, the solar is working good though the fridge only has enough power to operate during the day (need 4 more agm batteries) needs AC for day use!
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