Our mission has changed for 2023…

You have probably never heard of The Studio of Hope Corporation, we have been quietly providing low cost sober living group homes for young people that have aged out of Foster Care; and completed a 45 day treatment program since 2014. We had to close the program 2020-2021, but we are back on track for 2023 to open 4 more sober living homes that will support 24 people as they transform back into the wonderful warm people that they once were, before addiction.

The changes will be in our philosophy of fundraising, we will be aggressively applying for grants and adding more fundraising solutions to our programs.

The biggest change will be how our music studio will be funded!


We will be opening a BINGO hall, we will need lots of help with this, we know nothing about bingo, so we will need to hire experts! Our BINGO will operate under the Bingo and Raffle Act exemption, set apart for NM religious charities that will spend all of the money earned through gambling in the local community.

Our board of directors and myself have wrestled with the idea of gambling, when it comes to gambling the bible only has one reference  (casting lots for Christ’s garments) it does not call it sinful or condemn the act, the Catholic faith has used Bingo for many years as a way to raise funds for charity, so BINGO! we are going forward with the plan!




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