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Have you ever wondered how someone became homeless?

I have and I have heard as many reasons for homelessness as people that are homeless, the real question that we should ask is how does a person escape homelessness?

The easy answer is to get an apartment, right?

An apartment means that you have to have money, a job and pass a background check!

A one bedroom apartment in ABQ can cost between $450 and $800 per month plus deposits, utilities and furnishings or $700 to $1600, to move in.

Plus you still need to have a job and pass the background check…

The next BIG OBSTACLE is getting a job while homeless.

A person experiencing homelessness has more hidden problems than most people could ever imagine, but let me layout a few that prevent people from getting a job;

Every homeless person needs to have or do these things everyday just to survive:

If staying at Joy Junction;

  1. Must have a picture ID;
  2. Find a way to the South   Valley, (the bus, stops running before 7pm);
  3. Arrive before 5pm to eat dinner, no food available after dinner;
  4. Van will drop people off at bus depot or St Martins each morning;
  5. You must take all of your possessions with you each day;
  6. Buy food or go to Noon Day for lunch;

If staying at AOC/Heading Home

  1. ID is optional;
  2. Call at 8am to get a bed that night, availability is first call, first serve;
  3. If you can get a bed, you do not have to call again your bed is secured for up to 90 days;
  4. You must be at a designated pickup site before 5pm or you will not be allowed to stay that night, NO WALK-INS!
  5. They do not serve food, but you may bring food in and microwave is available;
  6. You may store extra luggage on site, food and meds will be stored in refrigerator for you;
  7. You will be bused to Albuquerque Rescue Mission each morning;
  8. You need to buy food or eat at a mission and must be at ABQ rescue Mission at 5pm or lose your bed.

As you can see AOC/Heading Home is a much better place to stay, but if you don’t have any money you will be chasing a meal every day and without money that means a lot of walking, most places only serve one meal per day.

The issue for most homeless people is food and transportation, their is plenty of food, but you have to go to their venue at a specified time and wait in line for the meal, all of the people that serve the homeless are wonderful and deserve every donation they get, but it’s at the least a part time job just to eat everyday!

If your staying at Joy Junction or the old West Side jail, your going to be carrying everything you own, everywhere you go, not the best way to interview for a job or easy to hold a job if your carrying all your stuff to work everyday…

The next problem is eating and working, most people will pick eating over working, it’s just that complicated to do both and try to ride a bus to work everyday all the while needing to be at a pickup point by 5pm or to the South Valley on the bus before the last one leaves!

I’m not putting down missions or shelters, but they are not designed to help people get jobs!

Our program is simple and self sustainable, in fact we will give anyone that wants to operate a transitional home FREE FISCAL SPONSORSHIP (executive director of a nonprofit program, you operate under The Studio of Hope and can apply for grants, use 501c3 for donations, etc.) and help set up the houses and organize fundraisers, you keep the money and use it for your transitional housing program, we just want to end the cycle of homelessness!

Here’s the way our Transitional housing program works:

1. Rent a 2,3 or 4 bedroom house that may need a little work;
2. Pay utilities and deposits, rent and sign lease under your name, DBA or The Studio of Hope Corporation;
3. Buy or ask for donations of twin size beds and bedding; (2-4 people per room, hostile style)
4. Buy and stock kitchen with staple foods and second hand kitchenware, donations are very easy to get when you have a good cause!
5. Contact employers that may be hiring and explain the program or let our staff make the contact for you;
6. We will supply a list of contacts for transitional tenants or you could run an ad on Craigslist, post flyer at library or Food Stamp offices;
7. Use our program application to rent each bed to tenant @ $10 per night or $300 per month, this avoids eviction statutes by being a nonprofit program;
8. All tenants MUST WORK and pay rent, they may do chores @ $10 per hr in exchange for rent ($10 per night in-cash or in-kind)
9. All money you collect belongs to your program to pay rent/ utilities/food/gas/make upgrades/pay yourself, it’s your program!
10.When renting a house you CAN NOT have more than 10 people in one home.
11.3 people per room equals $900 per room, per month and is more than enough to pay the bills and have a little left over.

*Some people may think that we should have standard leases and obey landlord tenant statutes, our reason is simple, we offer “Transitional Housing to the homeless” our exempt purpose is not to be landlords, that would make us a “for profit corporation”, ours is to provide a charitable service to the homeless and as such we only offer exempt program oriented transitional housing to the poor and homeless…

The most important part of this program is low cost housing for people that want to work!


it's going to be a great year!

Our gracious in-kind donors


Our programs are all designed to fulfill the needs of the communities they serve.
Albuquerque is in need of a “Free” campground for stranded and homeless motorists, we see them everyday at Wal-mart parking lots and at the truck stops, Albuquerque truck stops and Wal-marts do not allow overnite parking, these people will be ran off after a night or two, some of these people are without resources to move on or just don’t know what to do next, we just don’t have a place where these people can sleep, in fact it is illegal to sleep in ABQ without any money..

Emergency Overnight Camping

Our Emergency Overnight Campground (EOC) will provide a place for anyone in need, to park and sleep in a car/truck/camper/RV as long as  needed,   we want to provide a shower facility and flush toilets along with a meal site for those who may need it, but until that happens our phase 1 program includes blue port-a-pots, potable water access, a roll off dumpster and a secure safe place to park and sleep without being in violation of law or ordinance. Jesus taught us:
“The poor you will always have with you.”
Matt 26:11)

don't you want to obey GOD?

The Old Testament of the Bible (Holy Torah)

“If among you, one of your brothers should become poor, in any of your towns within your land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand against your poor brother, but you shall open your hand to him and lend him sufficient for his need, whatever it may be…For the poor you will always have with you in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’” (Deut 15:7-11)

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